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By: Al Mann

Are you a pet parent who is concerned about the health of your beloved cat or dog? Have you ever had to pay high veterinary bills that you didn’t know where the money would come from? Consider pet insurance for the health care your dog or cat deserves.

In Calgary, pet medical insurance is one of the fastest growing types of insurance protection. Pets will all need some form ofmedical care sometime in their lives, either due to an injury or the onset of an illness. Life Guard Insurance Alberta, a Alberta based insurance brokerage, is pleased to partner with Petsecure, Alberta’s #1 pet insurance provider. They have been insuring pets like yours since 1989 and have paid out over $112 Million in claims.

Getting a quote online for petcare insurance is easy. When you visit Life Guard Insurance, Alberta, Canada website there is lots more information about how Petsecure has designed petcare insurance plans to meet your pet’s medical care needs. By clicking on the links or the banners you will be taken to the Petsecure website. From there you can get an online quote for your particular breed of pet (dog or cat).

If you decide to enrol in a pet medical insurance plan, you can get that done easily online as well. Petsecure is the fastest and easiest way to get your pet insurance, FAST. From the date of enrolment, your pet will have coverage starting in 48 hours for injuries and two weeks for illnesses. This waiting period is to prevent fraudulent claims for pets who are already suffering from an injury or illness. Remember – you have to buy insurance for your pet while it is still healthy. Waiting until something happens is like trying to buy fire insurance once the house is burning.

Petsecure offers a wide variety of pet health insurance plans. There are some very affordable that are less than $12 per month. The very best level of coverage is Secure For Life, Secure 4. This pet medical insurance plan offers UNLIMETED financial coverage for sicknesses and accidents; $600 per year for your pet’s dental care, and $350 per year for specialty medical services. Secure 4 also comes with Annual and Lifetime Wellness Care for ongoing preventative medical care.

Petsecure is 100% Canadian. It is operated out of Ontario, and only Canadian pets are eligible for this coverage. So, in Alberta, if you live in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Fort Mac, Grande Prairie or any points in between, you too can quickly and easily get insurance for your dog or cat. Give them the quality medical care they deserve, and protect your finances.

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