Age Related Illnesses in Dogs

There are certain medical issues that become more probable as dogs grow older. You should learn how to recognize these symptoms. Dogs just like human beings, may experience physical and mental changes as they grow old. Although dogs age more quickly than people because of their fast metabolism. For the dogs to maintain a good quality life, the owner must know how to recognize these changes to help their pet make the adjustments necessary.

Dog owners are in the best position to know when their pets are behaving differently. If you think there is something wrong with your pet, there probably is. Never assume it's due to old age. Early detection of age related illnesses could save your dog, so it is vital to report any unusual behavior to your vet.

Arthritis in senior dogs

Arthritis is common to old dogs. Elbows and vertebrate are the likely targets but the extent will vary with each dog. Certain breeds develop arthritis in designated areas. The signs to watch out for are: pain when bending to food bowls, difficulty standing from a lying position, limping and wincing, crying when pain is felt during movements, hesitancy at steps and morning stiffness.

Initially, the vet will take x-rays to know the extent of arthritis on your dog. Treatments vary in older dogs but vets usually offer  non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Although these drugs have side effects no matter how effective they are. Polysulfated glycosaminoglycan has also been found effective in some cases. Other dog owners opt for accupuncture and canine massage. Before deciding what is best in any canine arthritic case, circumstances should be considered and options weighed.

Heart Disease

Just like the human beings, dogs experience serious heart disease as well. Tests like EKG are now being performed on pets. A few signs to watch out for are: shaking episodes, and diminished energy. Some owners also recognize symptoms that may link to potential heart disease such as slight cough or difference in their pet's breathing.Vets typically recommend pacemakers since treatment for canine heart disease is limited and it can only be managed and not cured.


Even old dogs need holidays
Quality life for senior dogs

About Quality of Life

For senior dogs, the way to keep him healthy, comfortable and happy is through early recognition. There is not much we wouldn't do for our pets when it comes to their well-being and quality of life especially during their old age.

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