Risky Mistakes Pet Owners Make Part 1

Letting Your Dog Walk You 


When out for a walk with your dog, he can pull you over if he's not properly trained. Thousands of pet owners find themselves in the emergency room each year due to pet related falls. Most of these falls occur while walking, either they were pulled or pushed by their dog, or when a person trips over his beloved pet. The best way to ensure your pet does not take you down during walks is obedience training.

Overlooking Ticks

After walking in the woods with your pet don't forget to check yourself and your dog for ticks. Tick bites can result to Lyme disease, Rocky mountain spotted fever and some other diseases. These can also cause serious medical condition in cats. If your pet is infected with ticks, it also puts your family at risk. So if you have spotted a tick, remove it carefully using tweezers. You may also want to ask your vet about anti-tick medicine.

Ignoring Ringworm
If you see a round bald patch on your pet, he may have  a ringworm. It is important to have your pet treated, otherwise you will be putting your family at risk from acquiring it too. Dogs and cats with ringworm can pass it to people by touching the pet's fur or skin. It causes reddish ring-shaped rash on the skin or bald spots if the scalp is infected. See your vet immediately if you suspect your pet has it.

Keeping the Food Bowl Full 

One of the most common mistakes owners make is keeping their pets' bowls full all the time. Because of this, cats and dogs eat more than they have to. They will take in so much calories and gain much weight if food is constantly available. Ask your vet for advice or follow the pet food label suggestions to avoid overfeeding.

Forcing Cats to Be Vegetarian 

Sometimes vegetarians want their pets to share their preference in food. The problem is, cats cannot depend on vegetables alone. They are obligate carnivores which means they should be fed with meat or they wont survive. They depend on amino acid taurine, a nutrient found only in animal tissue. Dogs can possibly handle a well balanced vegetarian diet but you must check with your vet first.

Providing Too Little Exercise

Pets need exercise to keep them healthy, just like us humans.  If your pet is a  couch potato, he has higher risk of acquiring heart disease, diabetes, joint problems and becoming obese. Vets normally recommend at least thirty minutes of exercise each day, but the perfect amount of exercise for a dog depends on his breed and size.

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