Rescue Ink

This unique group is expanding its mission to reach more dogs in need.

When you think of animal rescue advocates, you may not immediately picture tough-looking, tattooed guys educating children and families about the mistreatment of animals. However, that’s exactly what the guys at Rescue Ink are doing.

Rescue Ink is a dedicated animal rescue group focusing on saving animals from abuse as well as neglect. The gentlemen at Rescue Ink are indeed tattooed, tough-talking, intimidating bikers, and they use their strengths and passion to change the lives of animals every day.

Composed of a retired New York City Police Department detective, club bouncers, and security guards, Rescue Ink’s members are all animal activists on an admirable mission. Some of their journeys have been somewhat turbulent, but much like the animals they fight for every day, they persevere and believe in second chances.

Rescue Ink’s shelter is a 25-acre rehabilitation center located in upstate New York. The purpose of the shelter is to provide a stable and safe environment in which the animals housed there can learn trust and allegiance. Rescue Ink is currently in the process of expanding their shelter, and with it, their rehabilitation efforts.

Rescue Ink prides itself on its many programs and areas of focus. The organization currently has a volunteer program for the foster care of animals, as well as behavioral training for troubled animals requiring rehabilitation.

Rescue Ink also features a “Jr. Ink” Members program. This initiative specializes in Humane Education as it pertains to the younger generation of pet lovers. The guys at Rescue Ink teach children about compassion and responsibility when dealing with their non-human friends.

In addition to these programs, Rescue Ink also has a Domestic Abuse program which focuses on the unfortunate link between animal and domestic abuse in households as well as an Adoption Program. Rescue Ink likes to believe in second chances—and their adoption program is living, breathing proof of this.

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