Best Dog Foods Often Cause Illness in Dogs

Most dog owners buy the best food for their dogs often don't realize that the food may be causing a serious health issue.Those with labels 'Natural' or 'Premium does not necessarily mean they are the best foods for your dogs. Some supposedly healthy and even natural food can oftentimes do more harm than good to your pet, especially the dry dog foods. Simply altering your dog's diet can stop persistent dog illness symptoms because your pet was actually allergic to some of the ingredients that his original dog food contains.

Treating Dog Illness


Feline Dandruff
Some signs a dog may display with regards to allergies include common occurences that a pet owner may overlook at first. And then his ear will start to smell due to infection, dog dandruff and shedding will evolve to hair loss, and excessive paw licking. Your vet may prescribe steroids like Prednisone to eradicate the symptoms rather than cure the problem itself.


Other signs that a dog has food allergies are diarrhea and vomiting. These symptoms usually precede a barrage of tests, experimental medicines and antibiotics. He will feel awful and dehydrated too. One of many veterinarians who are now treating pets from the inside out is Dr. Greg Martinez, DVM. On Dr. Greg's website and in his book, The Dog Dish Diet, he suggests diet changes for dogs with symptoms such as hot spots, recurrent ear infections, itchy skin and digestive issues. "I have found that some ingredients in commercial dog foods can lead to chronic ear and skin problems," Dr. Greg wrote on his website.

Dry Dog Food is NOT the Answer

Dry dog food may cause allergies to pet
Most pet owners stick to one pet food and claim it's the only brand they trust and is the best. This can actually cause harm to their dog. According to Karen L. Campbell's book, The Pet Lover's Guide to Cat & Dog Skin Diseases, "A food allergy does not start until the immune system has been sensitized to the food." Many pets have eaten the same food for an average of two years before their allergies developed.

Pets should be fed variety of food as opposed to the same food day in and day out. Slowly getting their systems used to different foods and then rotating it is the key. No one food should also be fed to all pets in the household since our pets may have different allergies and metabolisms. Depending on the breed and the needs of each dog, you may give a canned or raw, a kibble, holistic, or homemade pet food with the right ingredients may be needed to prevent allergies.

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Choose the right dogfood
Prescription Dog Food 

Dog food analysis also shows that "scientific" formulas such as Hill's Science Diet and Iams don't always contain the best ingredients for pets either. The flavor may even has one ingredient the dog is allergic to, like chicken. Veterinarians are definitely of great help in determining the causes of illness in dogs. But that doesn't mean that when he states an opinion on what a dog should be eating, that's the only food he should be having to remain healthy. Different vets offer different experiences from which to draw and a second opinion may help you decide what's best for your pet.
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