What to do when your pet was hit by a vehicle

It is more common for dogs to get hit by a vehicle than any other pets. There are some critical things to know in a situation when an animal was hit by a car to reduce the severity of the injury and perhaps save your pet's life.

1. Remain calm as you approach the injured pet with caution and do not make quick, jerky movements. This will keep the animal from becoming more agitated and scared.

2. Check to make sure your pet is breathing. If not, you'll have to perform artificial respiration by holding the muzzle closed and breathing air into the nose. You may also need to administer CPR.

3. Determine the location of any injuries by paying close attention to the animal's body movements and sounds.

4. Inspect for external wounds and stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the spot with a clean towel, cloth or bandage.

5. Immobilization is important to prevent further injury to broken bones or spine. You can restrain the pet with towels or blankets and a muzzle if necessary, but never use a muzzle if the pet is having difficulty breathing or if the injury is around the nose or mouth.

6. Cover your pet with blanket to keep warm.

7. Have someone else notify your veterinarian or an emergency clinic that you are bringing in an injured animal.

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