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Everyone has heard of litter training the cat, but you should know that it is possible to start puppy litter training on your little one so that they learn where to go when they need to relieve themselves. 

This will more than likely not work on an older dog, but it can be done with a puppy. Smaller breed dogs will do very well with this method of potty training, but if the dog breed is going to be large, you may not want to use this method. 

Larger dogs could fill the litter box up at one time and may miss the entire box. 

Remember a few things if you choose to puppy liter train your little one, you have to have contact with the dog at all times and you should take the puppy to the litter box every time he wakes, eats, drinks or exercises. 

The litter box will replace a need to take the puppy outside. Therefore, you must follow the standard puppy training tips. 

It does not have to be hard to litter train the puppy, but you do need to set the box up correctly.

Puppy training a puppy using a litter box will require a large sized litter box that the puppy can easily get in and out of. You should put plastic down on the floor about two inches wider than the litter box in case of an accidental miss.

You may have to keep one spot of urine in the litter box so that the puppy smells it and knows that this is where he or she belongs. You do have to keep the box clean, but for a puppy, you should keep a little urine spot in the box until they are accustomed to using the litter box. 

You can use cat litter in the litter box, which will help with the smell more so than shredded paper will. Scoopable cat litter will work very well, but you do have to scoop it two or three times a day. You will also use more cat litter than you would with a one cat. Housetraining puppies can be very easy if you choose this method.

If you live in an apartment or have no yard for the puppy to go, this will be ideal. 

Training an older smaller dog to use the litter box will take more time. You will have to be persistent about placing them in the litter box whenever you think that they should go outside.

If the dog asks to go outside, you could then place the dog in the litter box. Again using the litter box for a well-trained housedog should be the last resort and only if you live in a place with no yard. 

Older dogs are harder to change once they have been allowed to potty in the house, but with time and dedication, you can break them of bad behavior and get them to use the litter box. 

You will need to place the litter box in a place that is easy for the puppy to get to at all times. Make sure it is out of the way from foot traffic and company. 

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