Potty Training Older Dogs

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Potty training is not just for puppies. Some older dogs that may have been outside dogs or were never housetrained will need some special considerations. Older dogs that have been outside or were allowed to use the indoors for relieving themselves will need a little more time. 

You can use a crate for potty training or use command training. Keep in mind that older dogs have already developed a personality and they can be strong willed when it comes to change. Take your time and spend time with the dog so they know you are in control. 

Since older dogs can go for longer periods without relieving themselves, you can use the command method for housebreaking. After the dog eats, you can expect that within an hour the dog will have to go potty. This is not always true for drinking water. Most dogs will be able to drink water and not have to use the potty for a while. You will have to get to know that dog's routine. 

This means that you will spend some time outdoors until you figure out when the dog needs to go. 

You can figure that the dog should go outside every hour for the first few days. If you tell the dog to go potty, they should catch on relatively fast. Give this command as they are going and then praise them and give them a treat. They will learn quickly that praise and a treat come when they go potty. If the dog goes potty in the house, you do not want to yell or punish the dog. 

You will need to tell the dog no and take them outside and tell them to go potty. 

What you must do until the older dog or even a puppy learns that they should go potty outside is to not play with them outdoors. The dog must learn that the reason that they are outside is to relieve themselves. After they learn, then you can offer play when they are done going to the potty. The older dog can be the same way. In some instances, you might want to put the dog on a leash in the yard and leave them for about fifteen to thirty minutes. 

This can help for dogs that were treated badly for going to the bathroom in front of people. 

Even though the older dog is not housetrained, you can change this around with a little work. The best way to do this is on a weekend when you can be home all the time to work with the dog. You will need to reinforce good behavior, which should be done in the first few days of bringing the dog into the house. 

You will find that whether you crate train or command train the older dog, they will be quick to learn and eager to please you if you treat them with love and give praise and treats for doing well.

Even the worst dog can be transformed with love and training.

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