How To Choose A Dog That Can Be Easily Trained

If you are looking for a pet dog you naturally will be looking for a pooch that will be a good friend for you, but you probably will want one that can be trained and taught tricks. When you are working with a dog whether it's a Bohemian Shepherd or a Pungsan or a Norwegian Lundehund or a Parson Russell Terrier that can be trained easily, it will make your job more simple when you are house breaking it and teaching it simple manners. While a dog that has more resistance to training can pose some problems in training, they can be trained by an expert dog trainer. But, if you are just getting started with dog training, you will get going a lot faster if you find one that is quick to learn. When looking for this type of dog, there are some things that you should look for in disposition, breed and age.


A common thought is that a calmer dog is a whale of a lot easier to train. But, although it may be simpler to hold this type of dog's attention, an exuberant, hyper dog can also be easy to train if you have some patience. The key is to find a dog that will bond with you. When you bond with a dog and that dog will follow you anywhere because it thinks of you as a more important member of its family, it will joyfully do anything that you ask. A dog that is bonded to its owner is very simple to train, regardless of whether it is hyper or placid, dominant or submissive.

A submissive dog will usually present fewer challenges in training than a dominant one will. To see if your pet is submissive, stare at him or her in the eyes. If that puppy looks away first, that is an indication of submission. With lapdogs and puppies, it over so that its belly is exposed. A submissive dog will just remain that way and let you to turn them over. A dominant dog will fight you, trying to turn over.


Your choice of breeds is huge - Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Neapolitan Mastiff and Hanover Hound to name a few.

Different breeds are well known for their ease of training. Labs and Retrievers are rightly popular because they are so simple to train. Also consider, the bully breeds are very intelligent and will love you forever. This includes American bulldogs, pit bulls and English bulldogs. Corgis, Australian shepherds, German shepherds and Dobermans are dogs that are normally easy to train. Terriers and notorious for being "hard headed," but they can be taught and they can learn new skills quickly, especially if they see that they will benefit such as offering them a treat. Mixed breed dogs can often make the very best pets that are extremely easy to train.


The old adage says that you can't teach an old dog a new trick and most folks believe that adult dogs can't be trained, but that is simply not true. Quite a large number of adult dogs learn even faster than puppies. Adult dogs tend to have a better ability to concentrate on learning than puppies and they are more settled. Adult dogs usually make great pets and can prove to be very easy to train which is a good case to support rescues.

When you seek a dog, look for one that resonates with you. If you find a dog that you will bond with, it will make all the difference with your training.

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