Skin Disorders in Cats

Alopecia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Most cats are covered with a thick, protective fur. This makes it extremely difficult to tell if a cat has a skin problem before it becomes extreme. It is important to take time on a regular basis to examine your cat’s skin closely for anything that may be wrong.

Run your hand gently over his body and explore the skin for any unusual patches. If you find any, part the fur by brushing it slightly, so that you can see beneath the fur and have a better look at the skin. If you do this often enough and understand your cat’s body, you should be able to spot any irregularity easily. You will learn to know what looks normal and what doesn’t.

Cheyletiellosis is a skin disorder in cats icaused by skin mites and is particularly contagious between cats as well as humans. In cats, the symptoms are itching and it usually results in heavy scaling and flaking of the skin, which is why Cheyletiellosis in cats is often known as “walking dandruff”. This skin condition is usually not deadly and can be easily treated with the right medication once the condition has been diagnosed and confirmed.

Alopecia is a skin disorder in cats that will cause hair loss due to endocrine disturbances, localized infections, or generalized illnesses. The condition can also be a result of stress. The symptoms includes bald patches on the skin and can be accompanied by reddened or inflamed skin. Not a deadly skin disease, and with proper treatment, the fur would most likely grow back. 

While most skin conditions are caused by allergies to food and pesticides bite, and can be easily managed and treated, early detection is still important. A few minutes each day could very well prevent days of discomfort later.
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