Boarding Your Pet - What You Should Know

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Rover may enjoy staying home when you're around but he can get pretty lonely when you're out of town on vacation. You would bring him if you could, but that's not always a good idea, especially when you're flying thousands of miles away. One solution is to board him at a kennel where he will be looked after, exercised, and kept out of trouble. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right kennel for your pet:

Clean Boarding Facility
This is important to your pet's health and can also say a lot about a place. Choose a place where the employees clean up after "accidents" and there isn't a lot flea-scratching going on. The facility should also require dogs to have their shots - Rabies and Bordatella. This is for your dog's protection. 


Check out the kennel arrangement. Will your dog be in an inside/outside kennel where they're able to go outside to take care of business and enjoy the weather and smells? This may be all the older or inactive dog needs. Do the employees regularly exercise the dogs? High energy dogs need to be walked, played with, or allowed to play with other dogs. Check to see how and when they exercise the animals and if there is any extra cost involved.


Is the kennel really popular? If so, you may need to book vacations, especially during major holidays, a long time in advance. This is important to know, especially if you're used to planning your vacations at the last minute. You'll also want to explore their hours of operation. Some kennels are closed on Sundays or at night so you can't just drop off or pick up your pet whenever you want. Will your pet be okay if he ends up staying an extra day at the beginning of your trip and another day after you've gotten back? And what's that going to cost you?


Find out what food they will feed your pet, and how often. You want the food to be a quality dog food and you want your dog fed twice a day. Some kennels will give you the option of bringing along your own food. Will they be able to administer your pet's medications, if applicable?

When you can't bring your pet with you, consider boarding them at a well-run kennel. Be sure to satisfy yourself with the cleanliness of the facility, how they will exercise and feed your pet, and the facility's hours of operation for you and your pet's peace of mind.
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