Lost our cat Milky on a Vehicular Accident

Our cat Milky
We recently lost our cat Milky, on the 28th of September. We saw her lying on the side of the road on the 27th, very pale almost lifeless. We were very very careful in moving her as she might have fractures and suffered Spinal Cord Injury, she couldn't move any limbs. There was a tinge of blood on her neck too. 

Although in incidents like this, the pet must be taken to the vet immediately, we did otherwise since we're a family of doctors and nurses and we normally don't take our pets to vet clinic, we just treat them ourselves. Besides, with Milky's condition I'm afraid there is nothing the Vet can do about it. They may have to put her down anyway. We just provided medicine to ease the pain she may be feeling and made her more comfortable in the last moments of her life. 

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