Does Your Dog Need Grooming?

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Not all dogs need haircuts, depending on the breed, but all dogs certainly need baths on a regular basis. Can you imagine how you'd feel if your hygiene needs weren't routinely taken care of? There are three ways to go about the grooming needs of your pet and one of them should work for you.

Do It Yourself

Bathing your dog is something you can do fairly easily at home. First off, you need a good dog shampoo as people shampoo could irritate the dog's skin. In addition, using a hose attachment for your tub faucet and a short leash will make the bathing easier for you.

You will also need a brush, nail clippers, and possibly a hair dryer. Lastly, you need to learn how to trim their coat and for that you need sharp scissors, clippers, and a comb. There are online videos and books that can teach you how, but if the hairdo is tricky or there are lots of mats, you should opt for a professional.

Professional Groomers

Taking your dog to a professional groomer is the right choice if your dog has lots of mats, needs a professional-looking do, or is temperamental. It's also the way to go if you don't have the experience or the time to do it yourself.

To find a good groomer, you can get recommendations from your friends, your vet, or your dog trainer. If you see a dog being walked in your neighborhood who looks well-groomed, ask the owner where they go. 

It's important to communicate with your groomer. Explain exactly what you want and tell them about your dog's temperament. Once you've become established with a groomer, they will keep a file on your dog and log the type of cut and whether anything had to be adjusted so that they know just what to do next time.

Mobile Groomers

Mobile groomers come to you in those cute little dog groomer trailers. They're equipped to do everything a groomer needs to do to make your pet look gorgeous. The major benefit of using a mobile groomer is that it is convenient for you. You call and make the appointment for a time that works with your schedule and no more taking Fido in and then returning to fetch Fido. This is especially great if your pet doesn't like to ride in the car. 

Another plus is that your dog will not be around other dogs that could upset or excite him. Your dog will be more relaxed at home.

I believe it is easier for your pet to bond with the groomer if it is the same person every time. You may not have this option at a shop where your dog is groomed by the next available groomer.

Your pet's grooming experience should be a good one for both of you. There are 3 routes you can take; do it yourself, taking your pet into a groomer, or having a mobile groomer come to your home. Take some time to think about it and choose the best option for you and your dog.
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